Sunday, March 5, 2017

Day 5 - Making Up Time

In life there are many circumstances where our best laid plans fall apart. It could  be illness, family obligations or even unexpected problems arising at work that pulls you away from your well designed plans but no matter the cause the end result is the same. We create a path to follow then a tree falls over and blocks it. The obstruction is when many people give up. It may not be permanent but when you come across that huge trunk blocking your way it is easy to throw your hands in the air, curl up in bed and feel sorry for yourself. On the other hand you can begin to climb over it.

The climb is difficult, especially if you temporarily gave up. It takes energy, willpower and determination to rise above and continue on. Not only that but you have been set back form the original schedule. This can be daunting if it was a deadline you were aiming for. It means not only do you have to get past whatever was getting in your way but also make up the time in the process. My being sick for the past week and heading into the most severe allergy time of the year will be hinderances I must face during my challenge. My determination is strong. My willpower is fleeting but hanging on at the moment. Now I just need the motivation to add the time I have already lost and make it up during the coming week.

The writing time will be fine. I have missed a few of the days I wanted to be able to write but I have time in my schedule both tomorrow and on Thursday of this week that I can dedicate a solid four or five hours to the task. Not only should I be able to catch up on time and work toward getting my current project well on its way but I will also be able to revise some of the scenes I have been working on for other books. I am excited about those and cannot wait to spend some quality time improving stories I love so much. The more painful part will be making up my workouts.

Today is day five and while I have managed to do things like wear my ankle weights to work or get in some good stretching, I have yet to get in more than one day of solid exercise. Day one I went to yoga but that was the last dedicated workout I have managed to do. Tomorrow I have an hour long softball practice so that will count and if I am able I will go swim or take a dance class with a friend which will make up one day. I have four days to make up though so I will be well conditioned once I get myself into the swing of things again.

In the past I was one of those people that believed the tree in my way was a sign from the universe that I was not supposed to complete my goals. Now I know it is just a test to see how much I want it. For the sake of my health and my happiness I am determined to finish both sides of this challenge and I am looking forward to standing at the finish line healthier, happier and far more productive than I have been up to this point.

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