Thursday, March 2, 2017

Day 2 - Willpower

For the past few days I have been fighting a sinus infection. I am not sure if it is anything more but that part is strong enough to put me down for the count. Between the headaches, sinus pressure and utter exhaustion I am shocked I have been able to do anything. However part of me doing the challenge I am currently trying is to stop making excuses and instead find a way to push through. Today is going to be a struggle.

I am doped up on medication right now so I am semi functional for things like sweeping the floor or washing the dishes but concentrating is taking a significant amount of energy. I am thinking that it will be home exercise today and the hour will be broken up into pieces such as three twenty-minute sessions. Writing might end up being that way as well. I know I want to write but sitting still and focusing is a battle to say the least.

One of the biggest concerns I have been having today however has nothing to do with exercise or writing and yet it has everything to do with them, nutrition. The ruth is that my struggle with food and my addiction to it as well has caused more problems for me than anything else I have had to deal with. Because I don't eat well I get sick and have to fight to get better. My body does not recover the way healthier eater's bodies do. I can't concentrate on working or working out and my sleep suffers as well. A good part of this ties back into the choices I make in my diet.

It is only day two in my no fast food, no pizza and no junk food challenge yet I am craving almost every single part of that. Having done similar challenges in the past I know it can take about a week to detox from the cravings. Some of them never go away. It isn't about not having the cravings though, it is about the willpower to fight them off when they arise. The same can be said for excuses.

Today I may not get as much writing done as I did yesterday. I might end up doing more over the course of a few hours since I am too tired to do much else. Not everyday will be the most productive, best workout or even easiest diet day ever. The point is to enjoy the days where things come easy and keep fighting on the days that they don't. I am not giving up, this is a challenge that I am hoping will become a lifestyle alteration. I am just still in the learning stages. Today will get done and I will learn from the struggle of today to help improve tomorrow.

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