Saturday, March 25, 2017

Day 25 - Taking Time To Be A Kid

Today I don't have to go to my day job, hooray! I like what I do, in fact I love what I do for a living, but today I am beyond excited to be spending the day differently. First I get to go do a local author showcase at the Clark County Library. Those are always fun and I get to try out my new banner for the front of my table. I am thrilled just to be doing that part. But when I get done I have an even better day planned.

The weather is supposed to be cloudy but no rain and in the upper 60s to lower 70s. That sound like the perfect situation to be walking around outside checking things out at a festival. What kind of festival could I be going to? The best kind ever to me, Monster Trucks. Every March for on weekend the Monster Jam World Finals takes over Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas for three days and puts on a larger than life, high-octane blowout. I have gone every years since I moved here.

I love the adrenaline, the screaming fans and the creativity of those that get in the spirit to meet their favorite drivers. It is a world unto its own. Not only do I enjoy watching trucks in excess of 10,000 pounds go flying through the air but I love the sensation of letting go and being a child for a night or two. there is something freeing about attending any event where you can just relax and have fun like that.

A few years ago I even found out that a driver from Monster Jam and one of my charity books had a connection. A story that was submitted to my Rescue Me series (currently being revamped) was about a therapy dog for a wonderful autistic boy in California. He loved Monster Jam even more that I do and had named his dog after his favorite driver. I had the good fortune of being able to go and present her with a copy of the book and share the incredible story with her. It brought her to tears, she was so touched.

Sometimes no matter what else you have going on in your life, it is important to stop and take some time to be a kid again. I love a number of the trucks but since that day with the Rescue Me book the Monster Mutt Dalmatian and the driver Candice Jolly have always had a special place in my heart. Go Monster Mutt Dalmatian and go have some child-like fun!

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