Friday, March 3, 2017

Day 3 - Making Room In The Schedule

Today despite the fact I am still sick I am heading back to my day job. I slept well for the first night in almost a week which I am hoping means I am finally starting to get better. But because I have been under the weather I managed to nap my way out of writing or exercising yesterday. It was not something I intended to do just as I didn't mean to sleep thirteen hours last night but it was what my body needed. Now I am determined to make up the time of writing and working out.

Exercise will come tonight after I get done with work. Usually I come home and chill out on the couch until it is time to go to bed but tonight, body willing, I will do the lite home exercises and stretching I had intended to do yesterday so that at least I do not fall any further behind. Instead of reading when I go to bed I will take my computer and write instead. I have a number of projects that can keep me occupied so that is not a concern.

When I initially designed this challenge I decided I would wake up extremely early (for me) around 6:45am. That would give me half an hour to get dressed, make a quick breakfast and get into the office to start my hour of writing. After that I would leave around 8:30 for the gym arriving by 9ish for a class to get me going before work. On the days I was off I would run errands and clean the house before starting any moe writing I wished to accomplish. It turns out that I am absolutely not a morning person.

I can manage to wake up in time to go to the classes most of the time but there is no way I can get my brain to cooperate that early. Instead I will need to modify my original plans in order to fit the writing time in. I have struggled with it for years but I am determined to make up that hour I missed yesterday and keep getting the hour in everyday. With any luck once I am able to squeeze out an hour everyday I will be able to make more time and complete additional projects to help move forward.

It may be that eventually I will be going an hour of writing and an hour of editing or promoting but right now the focus is on writing exclusively. Keeping a schedule isn't the most important thing. What is important is not letting go of the goals and staying determined enough to push through when things don't go according to plan.

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