Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Day 28 - Playing The Part

I am currently working on finishing up a book a began years ago but has sat collecting dust until I could figure out what was missing. Now I have found myself promoting the upcoming release of it this summer so it is nose to the grindstone time. However as I work on editing and rewriting Breathe I am also working hard on several other projects at the same time.

One of the things I have always loved about so many of my fellow author's books is that they lend themselves to fan art and even people dressing up as characters. My books are realistic fiction and while someone could dress up as a ballerina for Never Give Up, for the most part my books are not designed for that kind of a following. At least most of them aren't. There is a series I am working on that I was discussing a few days ago that could end up being a lot of fun in the cosplay world.

Once I get done with my book I am writing about being a dealer for the requesting agent, complete and publish Breathe and fix the errors in Sharing Strength I have two series I will be working to complete. One of them is my thriller series which currently stands at four books and revolves around the dangerous world of characters and their desire to run their own lives. the second is a seven book series set during the time of the Salem witch trials and has elements of fantasy, light erotica and drama to them.

The historical fantasy series is one I am excited to promote because it will allow me to reach into the fantasy and sic-fi worlds to meet new readers as well as attend events such as comic-cons and get dressed up as the women in the books for promotional purposes. I have seen people at other book shows that dress up as well. they are usually Steampunk or Fantasy writers and sometimes Children's authors will either dress up or bring a custom made stuffed animal or character from their stories.

I have been looking for ways to be able to incorporate things like that into my displays and promotional work but at this point I think I will have to wait until I get to my Syn series to dress up. I am already designing the costume though and am looking forward to unveiling it as well as the book at the eventual launch. Until then I will just enjoy joining my author friends in promotion of their books and keep looking for my own unique elements.

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