Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Day 1 - Starting Strong

Today is the first day of my 40 Day (46 days long) Challenge. So far I have successfully done my hour of exercise, which was far more of a challenge since I am also fighting a terrible cold / sinus infection. I have managed to keep to my diet. Of course when you aren't very hungry that part is slightly easier. Now I am sitting down for my daily blog post as well as my dedicated hour of writing. Like many people I know, I wanted to say screw it and start tomorrow since I am feeling so icky. I am the queen of procrastination. But there is a fire inside me right now that I think could burn bright and show me a new path if I just keep feeding the flames.

I have two books published that I take to my current shows. I had four but my two charity books are being revamped and so they are not available at the moment. The two I have I enjoy talking about but after the writer's conference I attended in January I can see several issues that need to be addressed and things I can do to improve my next group of books. There are so many things to consider. I want to make sure I have the right cover art, the editing must be spot on and now that I know what there proper word count average should be I know that everything I have written needs to be extended. 

The biggest question hanging over my head at the moment however is traditional or self-publishing. There are pros and cons to both and while I think in the end I will ultimately decide to stay Indie (self-published) for the majority of my books, I have always dreamt of being published through a traditional publisher. I would like the credibility as well as the ego boost just once of saying that one of the big five publishers was the one to produce my book. I love the phrase "I have an agent". These are things that no matter how much I do in the Indie world I have never been able to shake as something I want.

So for today, the first day of my challenge and hopefully beginning of a life-long habit, I am focusing on a book that was originally discussed with an agent at the conference. I am also looking at the other books I have drafted to make a game plan for revising and editing them so that no matter which path I choose moving forward I can have more books ready to publish.

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  1. Congrats on the exercise! That is one thing I can easily talk myself out of doing.

    Sorry to hear you're sick. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Glad you're off to a good start with your challenge. :)