Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Day 15 - Support Team

In every aspect of my life I find I walk a thin line between wanting to prove I can do things myself while also wanting to rely on some support from family and friends. The current challenge requires versions of that on every level in order to be successful. I know there is one part that I will not complete entirely but I am determined to make the rest happen and it is with the help of those around me that I will be able to attain that goal. I would like to thank those that are joining me on this journey and making my goals seem reachable.

My Mom - She has been the backbone of my support system since I was born. No matter what ridiculous task I took on or how much she knew my blind ambition would amount to nearly nothing in certain cases, she always stood behind me and kept me from falling down too hard.

My Boyfriend - After two failed marriages and a number of goals that fell flat because of my own fears I moved to Las Vegas and met my current boyfriend. It took a long time still for me to begin to believe in myself. It took even longer to trust that I was good enough and so were my goals. He challenged me, stood by me and asked me repeatedly about my plans. He celebrated with me when I succeeded and never antagonized me when I felt I was failing. He just let me work through me feelings and was there when I was ready to move forward again.

My Friends - From workout buddies to fellow writers, having someone there to push you on or bounce ideas off of can help maintain your goals. When I am at the gym and I see others in class doing additional reps it pushes me to not give up. When I log on and am letting social media distract me but I see other writers posting questions and daily word counts it makes me want to prove I can do it too.

I am the one that has to control my diet but it helps when the person I live with buys healthier food. I am the one that has to get to the gym though once I am there having the push of the other classmates can be vital to me making it to the end. I am the one that puts the words down on paper but it is seeing other achieving those goals that drives me to do the same. I am the one living my life, but I would never choose to live a day without those that make it full.

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