Thursday, March 23, 2017

Day 23 - Writing Break

Today I am focusing on something other than my writing. I still, of course, want to accomplish my goals. I even brought the book I am currently editing to work so I could go through it n my breaks at my day job. I have been somewhat focused, if a little frustrated, on my blog and writing during this forty day challenge. I haven't read, written or edited as much as I originally planned but I am working hard to make sure I do get some writing done everyday.

My goals are not singular however and I am working toward things outside of my writing life simultaneously. One of the biggest is my weight loss / fitness goals. I have the goals of finishing at least three 5Ks, one half marathon, three distance bike rides and an obstacle course this year. I have yet to do any of them but a few days ago I began my training for the obstacle course which will in turn help with my 5K training as well. Any cardio training helps with the bike rides and for the half marathon my biggest concern is stamina. training is a must.

One thing I learned a long time ago about myself is that I cannot simply go to the gym and workout. I need to be working toward something. Not only does my goal need to be attainable but it needs to be specific and have an end date to say "Okay, I accomplished that." I can't just say I want to lose weight, I need to say I want to get down to 150 pounds. I cannot say I want to run faster but I would like to finish a 5K in half an hour. It isn't enough to improve stamina but I want to cross the half marathon finish line. I need something to train for.

Even though today is very fitness oriented it all comes back to writing. I look at my writing the same way. I don't just want to write but I need to get 2000 words in before I go to bed. I don't want to write more often but I need to post on my blog every day for a month. I don't just want to edit my book eventually, I want to have it published and ready to go by the Vegas Valley Book Festival in October. Today I am spending almost all of my time plotting out the exercise part of this training regiment but I am in no way abandoning writing for the sake of working out. It is all about finding that balance and making sure I can accomplish everything I set out to do.

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