Sunday, March 26, 2017

Day 26 - Author Spotlight

I am beyond excited to be spending some time over at Booksurfer Blog today doing a spotlight. I will be there from ten this morning until three this afternoon posting on and off throughout that time as I get ready for a takeover next weekend! It has been a long time since I have done either a spotlight or a takeover but it is always fun to get the chance to chat with other writers and readers and meet new friends. Because it has been so long I have been reading through the spotlights of other authors on the page in order to get some ideas.

Pictures from events seem to be popular. It makes sense because pictures are generally popular on any page. People enjoy the visual. I know I myself am drawn to vibrant colors and beautiful settings far more quickly than to a long text-filled post. that isn't to say that I don't read posts, I am just more stimulated by the pictures and videos. Because of that I am going through my pictures and realizing I need to get better at taking and creating promotional pictures and videos.

Sharing events the author attended in general also seems to be big. Again it make sense, sharing other places you have been and events you have attended shows people you are out promoting. If you can share pictures with people that have bought your work that lends further credibility to you as an artist. I am terrible at remembering to do that but I am working on trying to get more pictures with other authors and my readers.

Links to your work are vital. There is little reason to promote yourself and tell people about your books if you don't share how them as well. We are trying to grow our exposure, that's great. We also ultimately want to grow our sales and our reader base for future work. As I am getting ready to release my next book this summer I would love to connect with people that not only could enjoy the two books I already have out but may be interested in my upcoming book Breathe.

Last but certainly not least is letting people get to know you. Not just you as an author but you as a person. We like to support our friends and when we feel like people see us as more than dollar signs we are more likely to help them out. Connecting can be difficult but is a key component of growing those relationships. I am learning to reach out and then maintain those communications but it is still a challenge. I am excited for today though and cannot wait to do more like it.

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