Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gaining Exposure

A year ago as I was preparing to sign my indie publishing contract I was already getting excited and thinking ahead about promotional ideas. It was overwhelming but thrilling and I had absolutely no idea where to start. All I could do was picture selling my books at a show while signing copies for people that had seen the advertisement for the event. 

I wasn't prepared for the cover reveal or release party and had no idea how to organize or run the online event so I ended up muddling my way through it. It was a learning experience to say the least. next I began searching for a location to hold a live book launch party. This turned out to be far more difficult and expensive than I had originally anticipated.  While I did find a location in time it ended up being far different than what I had pictured at the onset of the venture.

Just before the three month mark of my publish date I scheduled a date to hold a book signing at an adorable little bakery cafe that I love. I contacted the local newspaper for a spotlight and announcement as well as created an event on Facebook to let people know. Unfortunately because it was held on a Friday afternoon during traditional work hours the turnout was quite low. I had a few friends stop by to hang out and support me but there were no people wondering in to check out the event.

As it turns out the book spotlight wasn't going to be run until a few months later. People had messaged me to say that if it had been held on a Saturday or later on then they could have come. It was somewhat heartbreaking. It is difficult to not believe that the lack of people was because of lack of interest either in my book or myself. I did however resolve to try again, to see if there was any way that I could create more of a buzz the next time around. I did manage a mini book tour in September with four signings held over the course of a week. 

While most of the people that turned out for the events I was able to get a few interested at a craft show partially from an ad run in the local newspaper. The weather hindered one event from having a great attendance. Another had promotional posters and cards that could have been handed out but instead had placed them on a back table where there was no foot traffic and so no one would likely see them. The craft show was by far one of the most successful and so I am definitely thinking of doing more shows like that.

Things died down over the holidays and since I have been working very hard on the writing side of my business. The only real promotions I have done have been during promo days on Facebook and Twitter. I am hoping to do more live events this year just a matter of scheduling once I find location willing to host. the other part of my plans thins year have to do with submitting. 

I am looking to send out all four of my next books currently between writing and editing for hopeful representation by an agent or agents if different people show interest. I will also be continuing with my indie publishing career and one idea I have come across for further promotions is to be a part of writing competitions. I am hoping to send out my work to gain an wider audience through reviews and with any luck a few placings in some of the competitions I enter. Fingers crossed I can stand along side the other entrants as I hold my breath and face my fears allowing total strangers to pass judgement on my work.

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