Monday, February 2, 2015

Plot Bunnies

I was talking to a fellow writer online the other day about plot bunnies. It occurred to me through the conversation that while it is a commonly used phrase not everyone knows what exactly a plot bunny is. Wikiwriso defines plot bunnies as story ideas that pop up and refuse to go away until they are written.

Recently I was taken hostage by just such an innocent looking creature. While I am already in the midst of an epic battle with four different works I happened across a post from the nanowrimo group on Facebook. A strange occurrence happened to another writer that she found disconcerting and there was a comment looking that it would be a great plot bunny. Normally I sill stop and pet the bunny, offer a carrot or two and be on my way however lurking within the gentle fur of this particular rabbit was a story so insistent that it took control.

I tried to write my current book Sharing Strength but the characters were drown out by a constant nattering for my attention. I went to work at my day job but there were reminds of the plot all around. I began work on the revision of Breathe yet the changes I made weren't flowing with the rest of the story. I opened a new document to take some notes on things to research for editing and revision on Welcome to Syn but my hands were hijacked and I was forced to create an opening scene and outline for a thriller.

I have always enjoyed reading suspense and thriller books but it is not a genre I have ever written because I do not feel comfortable doing so. I am more of a drama and romance kind of girl with a definite flair for the YA style books. Now however I am constantly being hunted through the forest of my mind by a character shooting plot points at me like a barrage of bullets. She even went so far as to wake me up from a dead sleep last night in order to continue adding details to my outline.

I am beginning to understand why some writers have been known to drink. It quiets the voices briefly and allows the writer time to organize the existing thoughts. I found today that a difficult exercise regiment can give the same relief pushing your body's needs and focus in front of your brain. It is a very strong push to maintain my fitness goals, not just for my health but also for some peace of mind.

Since I have resigned to see where this story goes, though i the order it was conceptualized, the characters seem to have calmed down for now and the deceivingly innocent little plot bunny has hopped back to its hole in the ground to wait for another time when I feel I am caught up. If I am able to complete all current works by the end of the year, including the ones with waiting files, I shall have produced eight novels and four charity books in 2015. They may not all be edited, revised and submitted but I have faith they can at least be drafted and ready for the next stages. This will be a great year if from now on the bunnies staying their cages.

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