Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Unedited Excerpt from Welcome To Syn

Rebeccah turned without speaking but her face had a few choice words written across it. Persyphone watched them go with Samiya and Maryn flanking her on either side. It was not her nature to enjoy the misery of others but she felt at the moment that Rebeccah had brought this one on herself. Persyphone watched as they walked away. She smiled and waved in a mocking jubilance every time Rebeccah turned back. Asmara was waving at her side, the same smile on her lips.

Asmara was an incredible beauty and she was aware that people noticed her. That is why she was able to make a statement with even the subdued gestures she was now giving. Persyphone turned back into the house allowing Asmara to close the door behind them. She loved all of her daughters. They each had their own personalities that could shine through so strongly. While they all shared resemblances though it was clear that some of them took after her and some after their father when it came to their looks

Persyphone herself had long flowing blond hair. It could catch the light of the sun or the moon and shone with what appeared to be an inner light. Her eyes were a mystic grey-green color that seemed to shift with her mood. Some days you could almost swear there were emeralds there while others it was very clear storm clouds were gathering. Her porcelain skin carried the same glow as her hair. She never considered herself beautiful though Michael had insisted she was.

Her daughters on the other hand she had no doubt could catch the eye of any young man they desired. Lucasta had been gifted with an intuition as well as her violet colored eyes. They could look into your soul and see what you were thinking. She was a proud girl but held herself in check the way she had been taught. She was happy in her role as her mother’s right hand helping to raise her sisters. She had also loved walking in the fields assisting her father when she was done with her chores.

Both Michael and Persyphone had been thrilled when Hunter Williamston had come calling on her. It was never a question of if she would marry it was just a matter of when. He, fortunately, seemed to have an understanding of kindness and humanity that his parents lacked. While they were pushing for a large and extravagant wedding ceremony, both Hunter and Lucasta preferred something simple and understated. It was a source of great pride that her daughter showed that kind of restraint knowing money was no object for the Williamstons.


  1. This is great! I love the names you've picked out. :) I am getting a distinct "Beautiful Creatures" vibe (gorgeous story!) with all the family details and the magical abilities. Nice work!

    1. Thank you so much! I cannot wait to share more with you :-)