Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Event Ideas

Right now I am working hard on coming up with ideas for promotion for my writing work. During 2014 I managed to get my debut novel published and with that came the learning to promo both myself as well as my work. I was told that I should start an author page along with a Twitter page. Both have been created though I am definitely still in the learning process at this point.

I also was informed that I should start a website and a blog. I looked into the website though I was not convinced that I had enough content for a full website. I do plan to eventually get to the website I just want to make sure I research further and have enough content to make it relevant. I did, of course, start the blog though I would consider myself a novice in this aspect as well.

Once I got these steps started I knew I had to find a way to get out in front of people. I set up a small signing at a local bakery that I love. I ordered several copies as well as contacted the local newspaper. I created an event on Facebook though I wasn't sure how to get people interested. I held my first signing and managed to take quite a bit from it. Unfortunately most of what I learned was what I needed to fix for the next time.

I held it on an inopportune day of the week during the middle of the afternoon. Many people were working while I was holding my event and I found out the day I was supposed to hold my signing that the spotlight in the paper had been postponed. I did manage to sell a few copies as well as make some contacts for the future. I had a wonderful time signing the books and meeting people. More than anything it made me realize how much I wanted to do even more events.

I did go on a mini book tour in September back in the Midwest. Over the course of a week I attended four signings and held a bbq at my mom's house in order to meet and catch up with friends and family along with people that were interested in my book. I used what I had learned and was able to create better networking as well as hold my events at far more appropriate times.

Now as 2015 dawns I am looking at doing a number of events. I would love to do more signings as well as an adoption event for Rescue Me. I am also looking for additional events to do and would love any suggestions that people may have so I could look into expanding my horizons. One of the things I am working on most is an author image. So far the picture that has been used for my marketing is this one.

please contact me here or on my Renee Jean author page or twitter @AuthorReneeJean if you have any suggestions for me. I appreciate all ideas and support!

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