Saturday, January 3, 2015

Creative Approach

I have been posting a lot about my goals recently and while my writing aspirations are at the top of my list of priorities I do have other parts of my life I am attempting to focus on as well. My health and fitness being right up at the top alongside my work. As I have been spending so much time trying to come up with live events and simultaneously working to create a list of runs, bike rides and obstacle course I can attend I am amazed it took me so long to realize I can try to combine the two.

I have been looking for ways to get me name out and handing out business cards and book marks at the athletic competitions and activities I am a part of is an excellent start. I am considering getting something with my name on it made such as a competition jersey or shirt that I can wear to participate and then hand out my cards and book marks as well. Ian also on the hunt for additional marketing materials.

I am working to create an adoption event that I can involve the press in. I want to help animals find loving forever homes while also bringing to light the charity series I created. I am working to put together another possible fundraiser as well that would be in the name of animals but could also bring my name to a larger audience. My concern in doing these events is that I am not connected nor completely sure of what all is needed to make such large scale events happen so I am trying to find those that have been involved in the creation of these types of activities in order to partner with and guide me.

While I am overcoming a severe concussion which has truthfully slowed me training efforts down considerably I am using the time to create a list of exercises, locations and events I can use to condition myself and then cross checking those with ways I can use them to promote. I have learned early on that it is all about being creative and if there is one thing writers need to be it is creative. I have also found that simply talking to other artists can present you with opportunities such as partnering for an event and sharing the costs.

I am looking forward to meeting more people that we can partner and help one another alone with trying new events both physical as well as writing related. I will keep everyone abreast of any ideas I find or ways that I am able to promote so that hopefully I can be of help to others the way people have reached out to lend me a hand. I look forward to long and happy life in this world and I am so happy to have those that are a part of it with me. Please feel free to take any of the ideas I use for promoting as well as share any of your own!

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