Monday, January 5, 2015

Excerpt from Sharing Strength

He had completely forgotten that was why she called. “Are you sure you want to be in a support group? I think it might be better for you to do therapy one on one for a while.”

“How much do you charge?”

“I work with insurance so I am sure it wouldn’t be a problem.”

“I am on my parent’s insurance. They would never let me go to therapy for something they think I caused.”

He was dumbfounded. How could anyone turn their back on their child like that? He didn’t even know her name but he could tell that her frustration and fear was real. “Well if you think it is what you want to do I am setting up a group to be led by my friend Dr. James Kurtsman. I can add you to the list and he will get in touch with you about a time for the first meeting.”

“Yes please.”

“Can I ask your name?”


He got her contact information promising that Dr. Kurtsman would be in touch soon. She sniffled a thank you before hanging up. He sat down heavily opening his computer. He stared at the screen for several minutes subconsciously trying to not tear up himself. He had the breath knocked out of him from that call. Eventually he sent a brief email to his friend informing him that there was going to be one more in the group. He wanted to tell him everything about the phone call be he knew James well. He was kind, intuitive. He would pick up right away just how special this group was.

He was happy Jasmine, the girl from the abusive relationship wouldn’t be left alone in a group of men now though he contemplated how either of these women would fare in a public setting. He closed the computer down again. Picking up his jacket he grabbed the discarded files. He looked around the office as he turned the lights off hoping this support group was the right thing to do.

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