Sunday, January 4, 2015

Personal Time

It seems odd as I have been recovering for over a week now out of work that the subject of taking a break would cross my mind. Yet nevertheless I have been thinking a great deal about vacations and general breaks that we all take in life. I think it is a very important aspect that so often gets overlooked causing us to become bogged down in everyday obsessions and overwhelmed with responsibilities we end up giving higher priority than they deserve.

For two and a half years I have been working two dealing jobs in my wonderful chosen home of Las Vegas. I enjoy what I do immensely and wouldn't trade the position for almost anything in the world. I have been afforded the opportunity to meet many interesting people, learn a skill I will hang on to until I die and work in a field that is honestly easier in many respects that most jobs in what I consider to be the real world.

The original plan started out that it would help make ends meet until I moved from the small local's casino I was employed at to a larger location on the Strip. Once I moved I kept it for the sake of getting ahead on some bills but instead used the additional money to do trips and have some fun money. That was fine though it got me nowhere in the attempt to accomplish my financial goals. As time went on the money waned in that location and the lack of support from the company that employed me led me to part ways in search of something more substantial.

I accepted a position with much better money but extreme hours on the clear opposite side of town. For months I struggled to survive it and my health paid a damaging price. I ended up in a position where again there was a choice to be made. It is that choice that got me looking through some of my old vacation photos today. I have come to realize that the break does not always require a the physical removal of oneself from the current location. It could simply be a state of mind.

I look at these pictures and remember the crisp air and freeing sense I felt in Australia traveling along the Great Ocean Road. That is where I finally began to come out of my shell. I took that step to be more self confident and made friends I knew were getting to know the real me and not just the facade I had always presented. I made mistakes but they accepted me anyway giving me the courage to open up and accept myself.

The second picture is a small shack on a train platform in Shibuya, Japan. I traveled there with my best friend and together with our extremely limited Japanese we traversed a great deal of the country by train, explored a land we knew little about and most importantly tried things, such as the food served here, that scared us.

It is completely possible to have these same experiences in our own backyards. It is also important to make the time to do so. When life holds us down we have to break the chains and just focus on what is needed for us to be happy. We must concede our obligations while still making time for pleasure. I am learning to do this. I made a promise in regard to my second job and to make time to improve my health. I am writing but am making allowances to read more. I work to pay my bills but also work on my house and create a peaceful place to rest.

How do you take everyday breaks and keep life in balance?

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