Sunday, May 28, 2017

Day 90 - Rekindling The Fire

Between playing tour guide the next few days for a great friend in town as well as working the day job for a few of those days I am doing my best to keep my motivation going for The Last Piece, and Fish so I can spend Thursday making real progress of both. I am so excited to have projects I can visualize. I can see the covers, I can feel the energy from the characters. It is a feeling I haven't had for quite some time.

I still feel that overwhelming pressure when it comes to marketing but I have decided to make a dedicated effort between the blogs and newsletters I follow that teach topics like that as well as the books I own on the subject to treat the summer like a college term and make myself a much stronger student on marketing and book sales. I will be updating my website and maintaining things better (I hope). And now I finally have books that are begging to be written.

Along with learning the online side of things i am going to be doing my best to find more live shows to be a part of and planning a two week long, 15+ stop mini book tour for next year that will have at least five books and a limited amount of my merchandise available. It is a long planning process but I am finally feeling that push again.

I know when the feeling came on that perhaps I needed a break and it is something I am still dealing with. When I had to give up my beloved Rescue Me books it broke my heart. I am still in mourning for them but I have a new idea cooking that I am considering for a revising instead of stepping away completely. I will not be doing the anthology thing because I have unfortunately seen a very ugly side of people in the process of those books so I am developing a book idea in partnership with my boyfriend and his photographer skills. Those books will again benefit animals but I am working on a new style of promotion and partnership.

Sometimes it can be frustrating to step back from something you love but when it comes to the creative world, the last thing you can do is force it. If I can stay on track and keep this new fire in my heart, the rest of the year will be very productive and I can't wait!

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