Monday, May 15, 2017

Day 76 - Starting Over

So today I have 2 blog posts because as tired as I was at the end of the day yesterday I forgot to hit publish. Even so I am excited to be working on a project that inspires me so I wanted to make sure I got the chance to share. There are actually three books that are pressing me for attention and I have mentioned them all before. Crash, Combat, and Fish all are books like Survivor that tell the "how I got here" story of a character or characters from my full length novel Sharing Strength.

Combat I will need to wait a little on because there is a decent amount of research to be done in order to get the storyline correct. Fish is, in part, based on a true story just like Survivor though not to the same extent. Crash is completely fictional and will mostly require sitting down for the meditation and connection to Craig, the main character. Because I do not have a personal and emotional tie to Crash I had intended to start with that book. I was having trouble starting, which is common for me, however so I decided to do some physical labor in an effort to clear my mind earlier today.

I mean after all, I am a writer with three books to write, a day off from my regular job and no one around to distract me, of course it was the perfect time to go out and landscape my backyard. As I was busy shoveling rocks and trying not to swallow blowing dirt I tried to open my mind up to that beginning scene of Crash. I couldn't picture it. No matter how hard I focused, or didn't focus as the case may be, I just wasn't getting a connection to the story. Instead I kept seeing a swimming pool in my mind's eye. I kept seeing Fish.

Rachel, the main character of Fish is a co-captain of her high school swim team. She is state ranked and is said to move through the water like a natural born fish. She is quiet and a good, church-going girl from an extremely religious family in a small town in the middle of Illinois. All she wants to do is swim, spend time with her friends and make her family proud. The problem is that by trying to do the right thing one night she ends up in a terrible situation and has to deal with the fall out. Will her family and friends support her and help her through the difficult times ahead or is fish going to drown in a situation she never intended to be in?

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