Saturday, May 27, 2017

Day 89 - Physical Labor

It has been almost a week since I was able to get a blog post up. I have had a friend visiting and was working so I didn't have any time I was attached to my computer. I was given the opportunity recently to submit a pitch that included brief descriptions of a main and up to three supporting characters, a synopsis no more than three paragraphs and my bio as an author. It was to one of the Big 5 major publishers so I knew my shorter novellas would never get much interest so I skipped those right away. I could have picked Voices In My Head, Sharing Strength, or Breath but instead I decided to send off an idea that was not even fully realized just for the sale of getting feedback on my pitch abilities, or lack thereof.

Not only did I get feedback on the pitch, they actually liked the idea for the story. Knowing it wasn't completed (or even started to be honest) they gave me a submission deadline later on this summer. They thought the idea was original and could have appeal in several markets. I was shocked and thrilled to get the news. Then I began to realize just how much I didn't know about the book. The idea was only a random thought I had a few years ago that never completely left my mind. It is a murder mystery with an unexpected perspective that I wanted to showcase and now I will get to however I had a laundry list of things I needed to figure out before I could even begin. Yikes!

After spending the better part of a day having a staring contest with the blank screen on my computer I decided I needed some distance. Most writers I know would have simply worked on a different project, I most definitely have others to write. Instead I opted for the ignore my computer and focus on physical labor answer to my problem instead. I spent several hours working things and letting my mind drift as I pushed forward on a purely physical endeavor. Believe it or not, it worked. I had breakthroughs while standing out in the sun doing my best to complete a task. I learned character names as I shopped for supplies. I found my opening scene and the cover idea while I was gulping water to stay hydrated.

I came in yesterday to take a break from my physical project and managed to get an entire list of notes on the story. I am so excited to be writing this book, now I even have something more concrete to focus on. Physical labor may not work for everyone but I am going to keep that handy little secret in my back pocket for the next time I have something holding me back and need to have that magical epiphany. Plus, I got a good workout at the same time, bonus!

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