Friday, May 5, 2017

Day 66 - Tough Choices

A little over a week ago I had a dream about attending a book show. In the dream I was standing at my table and had brought me personal table with me to make an L shape display. On the side I had put up my book rack to show all the books I had for sale. On the top row I had copies of Never Give Up and Breathe. The next row help copies of Sharing Strength and then below that were the series of novellas that accompany Sharing Strength. I could see Combat, Crash, Fish, Survivor and there was one more I knew was there but I couldn't see it.

I saw the covers of Crash, Combat and Fish sitting right next to Survivor. The font on the titles, the artwork on the harsh white backgrounds, I could see everything. I have tossed around the idea of writing those shorter stories for quite some time to go with Sharing Strength when it is finally released but I had never officially decided. The books I could see are the stories of characters Rachel (Fish), Craig (Crash), and Brian & Kyle (Combat). There are two more characters in Sharing Strength. Jasmine is the main character of Survivor which has already been released and Dr. Kurtsman is the book on the rack I was unable to see.

I am not completely sure he would actually have his own book anyway. He is a major part of Sharing Strength but the hard fact is he is the most minor of all the characters. He has the least amount of backstory of everyone and that may be why I was unable to see the cover and title of his book in the dream. I know dream was on the top row the same way I knew Dr. Kurtsman's book was there however I was unable to see that cover as well. I have tried for years to imagine the cover, the synopsis and the tagline of Breathe but nothing has ever come to mind. It was the plan to finish the rewrite by the end of June but once again I am shelving the project. I am instead making the choice to go ahead with the novellas.

I hate to give up on a book, especially one I have put so much effort into. I don't think any author likes the idea of walking away from a finished book. The problem is sometimes there are more problems than we can fix at that moment. After the five years Breathe sat in the back of my mind I was able to make several changes in order to improve the story. Unfortunately I am still not connecting with it so I need to let it go back to the corner until it is ready to play nice. It is time for me to move forward with Sharing Strength and get to work on the stories of Jasmine's so to be costars. They are emotional stories but ones I can feel in my soul. I am excited to see where they end up.

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