Sunday, May 7, 2017

Day 68 - Social Media

Writing related or not writing related, social media is a large and time consuming part of my life some days. Honestly, I have no idea how to utilize it effectively for the sake of book promotion though I would happily sit down and take notes from anyone out there that does. I use it to interact with friends from around the world and to stay up to date with what is happening in the lives of my friends and family. There are do many other things happening though and I feel attires I become disenfranchised with the entire experience.

Politics is a given on social media. No matter who you are for or against, what you support and what you hope never to talk about again, politics is blasted into you from every angle on social media. I can see pros and cons on almost every subject and there are times I see someone posting a blatantly one-sided comment and I want to point out the other half of the argument. Even if I agree with their side in some respect I want to make them stop, or just get under their skin a little as they are doing to others. For the most part I am able to refrain from playing devil's advocate but I do have to distance myself on occasion in order to maintain that.

Then there are the people that have become online friends over time because we had something in common but for one reason or another I have lost respect for them or that momentary thing we have in common has dissolved. I know there are those out there that feel that way about me as well and I understand that. I can be difficult, stubborn and self-centered like most people at one time or another. I may even get to that point more often and if I have caused anyone to feel that way I apologize. My problem is that some of those people I have gone ahead and unfriended or unfollowed but there are some that it would be more complicated to do so than to simply tolerate them. This makes logging on slightly more frustrating.

My question to anyone else out there that experiences times like this is how do you stay focused and use the promotional side of social media without being drawn down the path of landmines and emotional triggers? What can you do to still enjoy the interactions without unfriending or unfollowing three quarters of the people you see listed everyday? How do you make social media a helpful tool in your business and present a professional face to the world when half the time you just want to close your account and scream at the world to grow up? I need to find that balance because I am nearing the complete radio silence stage and would like to not have to start all over when I feel more prepared to return. Any help is appreciated.

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