Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Day 63 - To Do List

It is so difficult to stick to a schedule, especially for writing. At least for me it is. I have so many projects that compete for my time and focus that I had to create a to do list. I wanted to set up a way to keep myself on track so I complete my books, get them edited and sent out to beta readers then off to either be submitted or published. It is a busy list that involves three to four full novels every year between writing and editing. There is also some reading for the sake of relaxing or research that has been built into my list.

For this year if I can stick to the plan I will complete the editing and rewrites on three full novels. Breathe, Sharing Strength and a project I am cowriting with a friend are all on the agenda plus reading in the murder mystery genre because my Nanowrimo project this year will be the first in a mystery series. Because I have never written in that genre before it is vital I get a feel for what I am jumping into. Most of this wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have a day job, a family to attend to and the physical challenges I take part in and train for as well. However those are the reason I have the list in the first place.

Assuming I am able to accomplish the list for this year, Next year is almost entirely dedicated to my horror series. There are four books in that series and while the first two are drafted and the third and fourth are outlined I still have to be able to sit down and force the characters to cooperate. Nano for next year will also probably be a murder mystery in that particular series unless I need that time to officially complete my horror books. Those will also be going out to betas then submitted to agents and publishers for traditional publishing attempts.

I don't let up going into 2019. That year is set up for my Syn series. A group that contains seven full length novels and some wonderfully fun cosplay and marketing ideas. I have it all set up to fill the next three to four years just to complete the more pressing of my projects. As I created my list yesterday and put the finishing touches on it today I can't help but feel the presence of my dream from last night reminding me of the four new novellas that have now asked to join the party. They are not full novels but they do add a depth to Sharing Strength and become a type of series in their own right. I am determined to make off of these projects a reality. Please, send caffeine and chocolate along with happy thoughts. it is going to be a long couple of years!

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