Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Day 77 - My Turn To Show Support

For those that read this on a semi-regular basis, you know about my boyfriend. He is a kind, supportive, and occasionally tough guy that stands behind me with a hand on my back to hold me up, and sometimes, push me forward. He is the one that got me to really work hard on my personal weight loss goals and has gone to the doctor more time than I can count when my medical issues overwhelmed me. He has given input on my cover art and even suggested ways to set my table during book shows. He designed my promotional signs and cards plus acted as the emcee for the release event for my book Survivor.

Today he is doing something amazing of his own and I wanted to take some time and share with you all how incredible it is. Almost a year ago he purchased a motorcycle. It wasn't a midlife crisis or a random need for speed and the open road. He bought it so he could take part in events for fallen soldiers through groups like the Patriot Guard Riders. He helps escort deceased military men and women to their final resting place as well as provide escort and protection for people taking part in events like the Honor Ride bicycle ride. I didn't think I could be more proud.

Then came his latest adventure, which officially kicks off tomorrow morning. He is participating for the first time in the annual Run For The Wall. It's a trip that crosses the country from Ontario California all the way to the War Memorial in Washington D.C. They ride in honor and remembrance of those unable to make the ride themselves. Along with taking part in such a moving and honorable venture, he took it a step further and brought along symbolic keychains made to represent his brother-in-law, his father and my grandfather. Three branches of the military flying in the wind as he rides down the road.

To say I am proud of him is an understatement. The depth of his commitment and service is unmatched in anyone I have ever met. He is thoughtful, loving and moved himself by the event he is becoming a part of. He is a tremendous member of the community of bikers and what they are doing over the next couple of weeks is nothing short of amazing. I am here to support him in everything he does and just wanted to share with the world a small peek into a man that is my own inspiration.

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