Thursday, October 30, 2014

In The Countdown

Tomorrow is my first full day off for over a week now. I should be sleeping in, straightening up my house and, of course, preparing for my writing challenges ahead. Instead I have plans from six in the morning until saturday night.

I will be doing the chores and taking care of the personal things I have had to put off for the last seven days. I will also be working on my office and making sure I am ready for NaNo to start including hopefully attending the kick off party for my local region. But most of all I will be doing one of my favorite things in the entire world, celebrating Halloween.

When it comes to everything we do each and every day it is incredibly important to make time for ourselves. We need to take time away from obligations, even self imposed ones. We have to make sure we have fun. Moments like that can lead to less stress and improved health. they can give us perspective when life seems overwhelming and most of all I truly believe we all need to have a good time.

When we smile, laugh and enjoy ourselves it releases our brains to wander. Those are the times that we can have our ah ha moments. We can understand what has been nagging at us and we can open up to getting the breakthroughs that have been avoiding us. No matter how hard we try sometimes we cannot make a certain connection but as soon as we let go it can find us.

I am looking forward to the magic of Halloween and to finding ways to take small me time breaks for the next month and would love to hear how others unwind and take time to enjoy the non writing side of life.

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