Sunday, October 12, 2014

Real life inspiration

I have always written poetry, short stories and now full length novels that draw upon my life. Some good, quite a bit not so great. The pain I have experienced has been a tremendous source for me as a writer. Now as I work on romance novels I am wondering if I should continue this tradition or attempt to draw solely from my imagination.

There is conflict in any story and for that I feel that I can continue to pull from my experience but for the happily ever after part I may have to go off script from my real life. I am not married though I was, I do not have a family but I know many people that tell me life is not complete without a child to pass on family traditions to.

So do I create my characters purely from imagination telling stories that I myself would want to read or do I take the tales of loss and right the wrongs creating the love story I wish I could live out in my own life? It is a difficult thing as a writer to make that decision and of course some times it is made for you by the characters anyway.

It is tempting to take the story of a failed relationship and tell it the way it should have gone. the first part is already created for you and if there were parts that didn't go so well you can call cut and go back to revise them. then you take the characters and help them see the error of their ways in order to help them find a way back to the love they once shared ultimately leaving them contently in each other's arms.

Yet doing that is more of a way to just hold on to the past and not a creative outlet. I prefer to challenge myself as a writer but there are times when my personal life sneaks in. For the romance series I hope that I draw from my imagination but I get the very distinct feeling that my life will be creeping in there occasionally as well, at least for the first book in the series.

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