Friday, October 24, 2014

Gearing Up

It is one week before Halloween and while most of us are putting the finishing touches on our costumes and finalizing plans for parties or trick or treating, those of us doing Nanowrimo have a slightly different set of priorities. For us we are putting the finishing touches on our outlines and storyboards and finalizing any research we may be doing.

Left over candy will become brain food down the road. Coffee will be purchased in bulk and thousands of us will invade cafes and coffee shops all over the world. Note pads will be filled and computer keys will click out word ofter word. We are writers united in our challenge to create.

We all have our own circumstances that we deal with. Many of us have jobs or school. We are all across the age spectrum. Some of us have families to care for while others are just kids ourselves. There are a significant number of differences but we all have the same goal and the same passion.

For me I have my struggles. I work as a dealer in two separate casinos at times working double shifts on back to back days causing me to have no more than 3-4 hours of sleep while pushing my body to the limit as well as having to maintain my mind being able to entertain anyone that may sit down at my table. I promote my currently published novel as well as my soon to be released charity book.

I will be doing a launch event that will include media and an adoption event for animals with local shelters and rescues. It is a cause I believe in deeply and am proud to support but it is also time consuming. I have to contact everyone, plan the event, handle the press, attend the event and do any follow up needed.

I have a charity bike ride to support wounded veterans that will take me 40 miles around the beautiful city of Las Vegas as well as continuing my training for the Spartan Race and other obstacle courses in the spring. And of course we can't forget that at some point I will have to eat and sleep.

But mostly this time is about the writing and I am attempting to push myself beyond anything I thought I could have done in this aspect as well. Not only do I have my nano novel that I will be completing Welcome to Syn, but I am also hoping desperately to accomplish the novel my potential agent requested Chocolate Covered Cherries.

Welcome to Syn I have until the stroke of midnight on November 30th to write, verify and submit. Chocolate Covered Cherries must be emailed of as a draft by 4:30pm central time on November 29th. I will be taking on two genres I have no experience or very little experience in writing. I will creating the beginning of two different series and submitting both for different types of consideration. I apologize in advance if I am a little strung out and I also ask anyone that may be willing to be a partner writer if they could help.

I will need a shoulder to cry on, a coach to push me, a cheerleader to root me on and most importantly someone to celebrate with when I cross the finish line. While I will be updating throughout the course of the month I am not sure how frequently so I will see everyone on the other side!

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