Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Character Profile - Jessica Wyland

I have been asked by an agent to create the rough draft of a romance novel by the end of October. I felt like I would be able to do this since I have participated in Nanowrimo for years always completing my goal. I just focused on the characters figuring they would tell me their story. I created a basic outline, I named the two main characters and figured out what they did for a living. And then I asked them to tell me the story.

That was the last time I heard form them. I learned quite a bit about Jessica's background but she is not being very talkative. I decided maybe if I could do a Character Profile on her and introduce her then maybe it would wake her up and get her talking. She is quiet by nature but as the one meant to record her story I need to break the silence.

Jessica Wyland is twenty six years old and is starting over after a painful divorce. She had worked for a retail shop just making ends meet when she was married and had been satisfied with her life because she had loved her husband and they had planned a family. After the plan fell apart soon the marriage followed and she decided to take a leap of faith and moved overseas to study baking and candy making.

She does exceptionally well in class and is offered a position at the school but decides to return to the united states to open her own shop. Because she went through the painful divorce she decided to set up her store a few states away so she was close to family but still in a place of her own. She is noticed immediately when she moves to Lynwood because it is a tiny town and she is a beautiful. She catches the eye of several men but while she smiles and if flattered by the attention she doesn't believe in love anymore.

She opens and is doing great until she gets a customer that has a very special request. She maintains her composure and professionalism during the consultation but afterward she breaks down. For the first time she confides in someone in the town opening up about her past. The man she befriends has already fallen for her and does his best to show her that love and a life she gave up on is still possible and worth the risk.

Will she believe him? Will she find a way to love again and share her life with him? I cannot air to talk to her and find out.

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