Sunday, October 12, 2014

Next Steps

I read recently that Stephen King had several projects going simultaneously when he was first starting out. He would submit to magazines, agents and anywhere else he could find. Yet while he was waiting to hear back he wouldn't just kick up his feet watching the mailbox. He would send it off then  head back to the keyboard and keep working on his next story.

I am attempting to take a page from that book. I have pieces in several anthologies as a way to constantly get my name out there as well as practice my skills. I try my hand at numerous genres, lengths and points of view while also attempting to reach audiences I may not have previously encountered.

To keep my skills up for the promotion side I am working hard to make connections for my debut novel as well as getting the information out about my charity series. I have been very fortunate to have so much support for the charity books that I can allow some of my supporters to help with the marketing.

Yet it is the original part of this I come back to time and time again. Several projects at once while submitting for publish. Self publishing and being an indie author has become a much larger thing than it was in the past and I am working to understand that. For me I have learned a great deal from being an indie author but I still crave the acceptance of a traditional publishing house.

I want to finish a manuscript and send it off to my agent and get some feedback for revisions before it is sent off to the publisher. I want to go on a traditional book tour and sign a contract that I would want to have a lawyer take a look at first. I want the more traditional version of success and while I am more than willing to put in the leg work to achieve it I have always found that having a large and connected team to assist in such endeavors can make all the difference. So now in light of the decision to go for multiple projects and submit until I am accepted I must get back to the office.

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