Monday, October 20, 2014

Excerpt from Sharing Strength

“No, though there are several situations that can lead to the diagnosis as you are all evidence of. I was referring to the ways people react to the assistance and resources available. There are of course support groups like this one and qualified therapists that are there for you to talk to but it is also important that you have a personal network of support.”
  At that Rachel sighed. Everyone turned to look at her causing her to swipe a few tears away hurriedly. They waited but she said nothing. Even when Jasmine nudged her with her elbow she remained silent. Making yet another mental note about the poor young girl Dr. Kurtsman moved on.

“There are also a number of people that are diagnosed but do not understand exactly what the disorder is. They feel that asking for help is a sign of weakness. They feel like people will look down on them and therefore decide it is either a misdiagnosis or that they are strong enough to handle it alone.”

This time all eyes turned to Brian. He scoffed at the sudden attention folding his arms protectively over his chest and defiantly looking each person back making individual eye contact. Each and every one of the backed down in turn until he came to Kyle. He held the stare returning the contempt with his own frustration. The tension between them was thick. Rachel shifted uncomfortably breaking the stalemate as they both looked at her.

“So what makes you qualified as a therapist for this group anyway?” Brian wasn’t ready to end his attention. He was feeling very aggressive and since he had the command of the room he figured knocking the doctor down a peg or two would be a great way to prove that he and everyone else here was wasting their time. “What kind of tragedy or loss have you ever had to deal with?”

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