Sunday, October 19, 2014

Following My Passion

As I am planning all of the organization that I need to do and focusing on accomplishing the chores around my house I find myself torn. I work two different dealing jobs in order to try and get ahead of medical and credit card bills yet I feel like there never seems to be any headway made. I push myself to the point I am concerned about my health yet I have no choice but to push in order to make the money to try and get to the point I will be financially set to go down to one job.

It is a terrible catch 22 that I find myself in. I have to work in order to afford the bills yet the health and stress issues created by pushing my body so hard cause more bills so I fall back behind. I also take care of things around the house and while I am fortunate enough to have help with the chores and with a few of the bills it is still difficult to get it all accomplished.

I also have talked to several physicians about ways to improve my health. The one thing I have noticed as well as have been advised is that when I workout I feel much better. But along with the chores and the two jobs I struggle to find the time or energy to exercise too. I still do my best to get a short workout in when I can but sleep definitely wins out more often than I would prefer.

The entire reason I do any of this though is so that I can have time, money and freedom to follow my true passion of writing. I need to have the bills paid so I have the basic necessities like home, food and clothing. I need to have the time to dedicate to writing and promoting. I also need money in order to promote. I must travel, create events, hold signings and giveaways which also needs finances.

Following my passion is the most important thing in the world to me I just hope my body holds up long enough to make sure I can truly follow my heart.

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