Friday, March 28, 2014


I have been writing since I read a poem in second grade that simply stuck with me. I always wanted to write something that would have the same effect on others. In the beginning I wrote poetry but it wasn't very good. I would just write lines that rhymed and were on the same subject  more or less. It wasn't until I heard the phrase "You write best when you write what you know" that my writing became something that other people cared to read.

When looking back at most of the later poetry as well as my short stories and even my novels the one main constant is emotion. I have written about break ups and make ups. Declared love and wondered about loneliness. I have asked for forgiveness and demanded separation. Emotions are always at the surface for me so I have found that many times they spill over flooding onto the page.

Because I am a romantic at heart many of my friends growing up pushed me to read romance novels. I never was able to get into them because the "Bodice Rippers" dominated the genre and made me hate reading. I tended toward suspense and true crime novels preferring the feelings of fear and curiosity to solve the mysteries. Yet in own personal life it has always been about love.

I am a dreamer and a romantic so I believe in soul mates. Sometimes it doesn't have to be the one you marry just the friend that gets you on a level no one else does. I have been very fortunate to have a few friends that are up on the soul mate level as well as having that love that swells my heart. It is the inspiration I get from the happiness and love that became the muse for the transformation of my most recent project.

I had decided to write a short story that was a twisted crime story ending with the main character being the villain instead of the victim that it is assumed from the beginning. I began my Nanowrimo story with the bare bones of the short story intending to simply extend it. I added details to the day by getting to know the characters better and understanding some of their motivations. As I got to know them drawing out the day I saw that my word count wouldn't be close to the requirement so I was going to have to get past the original ending but figure out a way to keep the main character the villain.

It didn't work. As I got past the point that should have established the crime she began to talk to me. She was good at heart so I wrote her that way changing her into the victim of the crime it turned out she actually was. As more characters were introduced and her backstory developed I began to feel for her and even though it surprised me I found myself writing the once suspense crime story into a romance novel. She became the main character in a genre I had once sworn I would never read let alone write. I couldn't be happier that I finally found a version of romance that I can share proudly.

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