Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Difficult Scenes

Today I wrote a scene for my current WIP tentatively called Sharing Strength. For me it was extremely difficult facing the emotional turmoil he went through. He suffers from PTSD and though he does attend a support group he cannot accept that he needs the help.

He isn't the nicest guy in the world but he is troubled. He is a young soldier that saw front line combat along with his best friend. They are both in the group but he had no intention from the beginning of opening up. He struggles with the fact that his friend seems to be moving on and getting better but in doing so he moves away from him.

Brian Nickerson makes it a point to demonstrate that he is tough and self reliant every chance he gets but because the rest of the group has their own healing to do they decide to ignore his macho showings. I am still getting to know him as I write this book and I believe deep down he is scared and wants  help but is afraid to ask for it.

He is considered a secondary character but I learned so much more about him in the 2500+ words I wrote about him today and I am glad I got to know him better. He is an important part of the story and I cannot wait to share him and the rest of the group with an audience soon.

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