Monday, March 10, 2014

Rescue Me

I have contacted a few charities for my anthology. I am hopeful that I will be announcing the partner for the book very soon. There are so many deserving shelters, rescues and organizations out there that picking the ones to contact was extremely difficult. However I feel deep in my heart that I have found ones that speak to me and represent so many animals and their struggles.

I am preparing a few pieces myself and am looking for submissions of poetry, short stories and pictures that represent the love and compassion we share with animals. There is no length requirement and the tentative deadline for submissions is July 15th so that I can get everything organized and submitted by the end of August.

All contributors are being asked to donate their work but will receive one free copy of the book for your collection. As soon as I have official confirmation from the charity I will be partnering with I will post a link to their information. I am already looking into promotional events and a launch party. If everything goes well I will also be turning this into a series with additional charities to be announced in the future.

If you would like to be a part of this project please comment here or contact me through facebook Rescue Me - Animal Anthology or Renee Jean, or follow me on Twitter @AuthorReneeJean. If you are submitting for the book please include your name and contact information for thanks and your free copy. I am very excited to see the stories everyone shares!

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