Thursday, March 13, 2014

Age of Writing

I never considered there to be an age to begin writing and until recently I felt that I was well within the average. yet, as I join writers groups and chat groups online I am noticing that at the tender age of 31 I am seemingly in the geriatric category. It is as if I missed out on a decade or more that I should have been pursuing this particular field.

I am astounded by the number of people I see that try to balance novel writing with either term papers, essays for high school or even junior high. I remember crafting short stories and poetry at that age but I do not remember pushing for a publisher. Researching submissions was the furthest thing from  my mind.

I do of course question if I had dedicated myself at that time would I now be farther along on this journey. In all honesty I am not sure. There is obviously a learning curve with the writing profession as there is with any occupation and with the continuing advancements in technology the learning never ends. I would certainly have a better understanding of the submissions process and a larger group of contacts had I begun earlier in life but I may not have known what to do with the information at that age.

Much of my writing has drawn on my personal experiences and been inspired by those I have met and things I have done while working to find my true calling. Many of these experiences have been difficult life lessons but they have made me stronger as a writer and as a human being. I am now in a place that I can say I want to pursue writing as an eventual full time career and I am mature enough to at least attempt to make a game plan for it to become reality.

I am able to multitask better and have an educated background to pull from in the pursuit of establishing and promoting the things I am passionate about. I definitely understand the importance of the contacts that I have made and enjoy finding ways that not only can they assist me but that I can also repay the favor. I may or may not be successful but I do believe that simply being passionate isn't enough and I am glad I waited until I had grown up enough to build support for my passion.

It is the business side of things, the objectivity and ability to set aside my ego, that I have and am still having to learn and I am grateful to all those that have stood by me from the moment my passion and love for writing sparked to now as I begin the business of building myself into a successful author.

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