Friday, March 7, 2014

This Summer

     I am very excited about this summer. I have been invited to attend and set up as a vendor and author for signings and sales at a Romance Novel Convention. While I never really considered the book to be a Romance, but instead more of a Young Adult, there is an undeniable aspect of romance in it. I will also be working on the marketing for Never Give Up through signings and promotional events.
    While I do everything in my power to build an audience for this first novel I have my completed Nanowrimo project from 2013 called Breathe that I am in the middle of editing and will hopefully be sending out for possible publication within the next few months after I get feedback from my beta reader.
     As all of that is going on I am also working on a number of projects simultaneously. I have my very emotion novel I am working on but because of the research involved and the extremely personal nature of the piece it is taking longer that expected. I have been participating in a few anthologies and plan to continue submitting to those as well as working to get my name out into the world further through contests and magazine / newspaper submissions.
     Besides the short projects and my current WIP novel I have also begun mapping out a series that will most likely contain eight books and there is a follow up to Never Give Up tentatively titled Sabrina's Story. I have been asked to do a charity book that I am looking into and have a children's series that I am building little by little. And of course I am still working on my poetry which was after all my first vessel for this voyage into the writing world.
     I look forward to the feedback that is shared with me regarding not only the projects I have and am writing but also anything my friends and readers would like to see from me. There is inspiration everywhere and I have been fortunate enough to find an outlet for my creativity and a wonderful group of people just like me that enjoy the imaginative realms. I invite any and all to travel on my journeys with me and feel free to give me ideas to guide new ones :-)


  1. Congrats on the progress you have made so far! If I can ever help in any way please let me know. I have recently begun making book reviews a regular part of my posting schedule and I am always looking for guest. ~Scribe happy~

    1. What types of books or projects do you review? Never Give Up is being released in April and I am definitely interested in getting it reviewed but it is more YA and not everyone is interested in the genre