Friday, March 14, 2014

Writer Life

I am feeling off today. I want to be excited that I have so many wonderful projects happening at the same time but I am also feeling a little sad. I have three anthologies I am currently working on. Two of them are being put together by others, Rock & Roll Saved My Soul: Random Acts of Kindness and My Life Would Suck Without You. Both of these are giving me the chance to tell shorter stories and be a part of collections. I have always enjoyed reading short stories and the Random Acts of Kindness is also a fundraiser for charity.

I was inspired by the charity anthology of Rock & Roll Saved My Soul volume 1 and decided to create one of my own dedicating stories, poems and pictures to saving animals and then donate the proceeds of the book to an animal charity. I know the organization I am hoping to partner with and am in talks with them but haven't gotten the confirmation just yet.

While working on those pieces I also have one full length novel I am editing for my beta reader and another I am currently writing. Both of them are important to me and the one I am writing is extremely personal as well so again I have things to be excited about. Yet the sadness and frustration lingers because I also have my debut novel being released in just a few short weeks and I noticed earlier that when asked about reviewing a group of books, mine seemed to be the only one that didn't get any offers.

I am aware that with the Twilight series, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings being out in the last several years and the constant influx of new Fantasy and Sci-Fi stories emerging, Young Adult is not currently the most popular genre. I do however feel it is still a valid one and I am hoping that I am able to find a group that agrees with me. I have so many ideas for books and I am dedicated to any course of action required to make it as a successful author, it is just disappointing when my first novel seems to be overlooked.

I will keep searching and promoting and hopefully I will soon find the audience that can't wait to read my stories.

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