Thursday, March 20, 2014

Upcoming projects

As my Cover Reveal is wrapping up, and I am happy to say went well, I am looking ahead. The official release date for Never Give Up is April 4th and that suddenly seems right around the corner.
I have spent so much time over the last couple of years dedicated to this book that now looking ahead the path seems shrouded in clouds of ideas. I have so many projects to work on and with the creative juices flowing, ideas are swirling like a vortex, surrounding me.

I catch snippets of dialogue here and a glimpse of setting there. I have a few that either have names or a basic outline but nothing beyond. These are simply because the title was too perfect or the premise of a story just wouldn't get out of my head. At this point the characters haven't introduced themselves to me so I am just sitting in the metaphorical bar waiting for them to come in so I can buy them a drink and listen to their tales.

I also have a book that is completed but I am now in the beginning stages of editing and beta reading. After that will come the revisions and editing and ultimately followed by my next publishing submission. I would like to always have one project at every part of the process in order to constantly be ready.

I need a book in editing and one being read, one being submitted and one being written. It is also a goal to cover a variety of genres so as not to pigeon hole myself. The one I have in beta right now is a drama young adult fiction called Breathe. It even has a romantic aspect to it.

Sharing Strength is a is a darker drama taking a look at the effects of and reactions to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Five strangers come together and attempt to understand and support each other through the trials they face. Will they overcome the disorder? Will they get along and become a stronger group? Will they all even survive the diagnoses? Find out in Sharing Strength.

I also have a slightly more paranormal series coming out called The 7 Deadly Syns. Sisters redeem their mother through channeling of dark powers and taking revenge on men that pretend to be good but are actually twisting their powers into more evil pursuits.

Along with these are a few short stories I am working on for anthologies and my personal favorite Rescue Me - Animal Anthology. This is a book dedicated to animal rescue, how we save them and even more how they have saved us. The proceeds from this book will be donated to a charity I am currently in talks with and cannot wait to announce the beneficiary. I am also accepting stories and poems and every contributor will receive a free copy.

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