Saturday, March 8, 2014

Charity Writing

I have been talking with my cover artist about the incredible anthology Rock and Roll Saved My Soul she put together. I am feeling very inspired to create a charity book in a similar fashion. I would gather stories, poems, essays all involving one topic and then, once it was published, split the proceeds with a charity in that field.

There are several areas in my life that I have had passion for but one of the largest by far is animals. I would love to collect stories about finding and rescuing animals. How they touch our lives and events and charities that people have worked with. Things like losing an animal, searching for and reuniting with them. Fostering both as a temporary home and as a foster failure.

Pet adoption events and personal visits to shelters are great sources of inspiration. Also the loss of family pets and how you honor them and add to your family afterward. I have so many stories just from the few animals I have been fortunate enough to have in my family and have tried to be active with my local shelters and rescues. Once I go down to only one day job casino I plan to become even more active with animals.

One of the largest concerns that was mentioned to me was the difficulty of getting people involved but I am hoping that by reaching out not only through social media and writing avenues for those looking to write the stories but also talking to people involved in the animal and rescue world I can find those willing to tell their stories and perhaps have them ghost written if that is easier.

I ask anyone that reads this and may be interested in sharing your tales to comment or like my Author Page Renee Jean on facebook or you can follow me on twitter @AuthorReneeJean. Please share and help me help animals and the amazing organizations that dedicate their lives to improving everything for the voiceless.

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