Friday, April 28, 2017

Day 59 - Almost There

Almost two months ago when Lent began (for me it was just my 46 day challenge) I decided to do more than try to give up one thing and see how it went. I originally wanted to exercise for an hour and write for an hour everyday, get a blog post up, and of course I gave up some food items. The point was to make myself healthier and instill a habit for writing that would last long after the challenge was complete.

The food I gave up included pizza, fast food (with the exception of subs, those were considered healthy enough to stay), and most importantly the junk food. Junk food is a vague term so I used it to mean any candy, chips, cookies, cake, ice cream or things like them. That part has been the most difficult. I have given up chocolate specifically before but never everything at once and ice cream is a huge temptation for me. In theory, because the challenge was over after 46 days I should have been able to have all those things again. I did break once from a emotional issue and my boyfriend brought me pizza to make me happy. The understanding was that I would add a week onto the challenge as a penalty.

I modified that deadline until May 20th because I will be competing in the Badass Dash Obstacle Course race that day so I will have earned the treat. I am also closing in quickly on my weight loss goal of getting down to 150. I took a walk through an ice cream and candy shop last night and resisted the urge to buy and eat everything in sight, because I am almost there.

Writing is the same way for me. It can be difficult to write some days. Others the words are flowing well but doing it consistently has never been my strong point. I am working to focus this same amount of energy I have used to get so far with my diet to now help me reach the next level with my books. I have four finished, three in the process and more than two dozen novels waiting patiently for me to get to them. Just like the diet, when it comes to several of my books I am almost there. I just need to concentrate. I need to walk past the ice cream and keep putting words down on paper. I know I can do it, no matter how hard some days will be. I just have to keep reminding myself how it feels to go from Almost There to Done.

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