Thursday, April 6, 2017

Day 37 - Finding Something To Laugh About

I write books in a number of different genres. I read an even wider variety. There is a book written by a friend of mine that combines the imaginative world of fantasy with humor in a way I would never have been able to believe if I hadn't read it myself. It is satirical, hilarious and in touch with the world of a writer so aptly even those that struggle to write an email would understand the fun and frustrations of a novelist simply by reading her book.

The book is called Veneri Verbum and I love it. I have read it and the sequel Beta Beware many times, laughing my way through every time. There is something therapeutic about laughing along with a character, or even just laughing in general. Some of my favorite activities involve humor and I love to make people smile, forget their stress for awhile and enjoy themselves. I would love to say my lighthearted books have that effect but my stories to date have been neither lighthearted nor stress-free. I write about topics like PTSD, Domestic Violence, and Depression. While I have ideas for books such as Western Romance, Historical Action, Suspense, and Historical Fantasy I have never written a book about fun and funny situations.

Never, that is, until now. Back in January I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak with agents and while none at the time were interested in my book Sharing Strength, all about PTSD, and they agreed my Voices series needed work, I was able to share some of my ideas with them. After thoroughly depressing everyone with talk of PTSD and Domestic Violence however I knew I needed to lighten the mood. The best way I thought to do that was by sharing ridiculous stories from my day job. Within minutes I had people laughing, tears rolling down their cheeks. A few agents even requested to see the book I was currently pitching.

I explained I wasn't pitching anything, just sharing stories but they felt putting my experiences together into a book would be a great idea and could sell well. After brief protesting about how it wasn't actually a book I agreed to send one of the agents the manuscript. I started coming up with a list of stories and experiences from my time as a dealer but I quickly realized I needed another perspective, a male point of view. That was when I recruited my best friend and fellow dealer to help co-author the book.

We have been working on stories for the book for over a month now but they were beginning to feel stagnant and I was struggling to see any humor in them at all. I still love all the stories I have included but there was just something missing, they weren't fun to write anymore. Yesterday, while I was giving another dealer a break, a player walked up and began playing a game called you might be an alcoholic if... I was enjoying the game as we went back and forth giving our observations and then when he left I began thinking of things people might relate to when it comes to being a casino dealer. I only have a few ways so far but I have found my fun and the people I have shared the ideas with have all laughed the way those agents did. Taking time to laugh and finding ways to make what you are doing enjoyable is just as important as completing a project. Go out and enjoy!

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