Friday, April 21, 2017

Day 52 - Emotional Connection

Have you ever read a book that did not capture your emotions? One that may have a creative setting and a colorful cover but you didn't feel as though you and the main character were connected? How well did that go over in the end? Did you even reach the end? For me when I am reading a book I need to feel connected with the characters, at least to some extent, in order to get into the story. I don't mean that I have to feel as though I have walked a mile in the character's shoes I just have to feel something so I am rooting for the characters to complete their mission, fall in love, or save the world. Whatever it is they are trying to achieve, I have to feel like I am a part of it so I can be satisfied when they reach that target.

It was discussed recently that I am struggling with Breathe because I don't have that heartache, emotional side to the story. Never Give Up was written following an accident that did destroy my ability to dance the way I used to and Survivor is a based on true events book about combating domestic violence. Both made me bawl like a baby at one point or another. Breathe has never made me cry. However my Voices books, Syn books and Casino Murder books don't make me cry but I have still enjoyed writing those so I don't believe it is purely a lack of emotion.

Those books were incredible to write because they were an escape. They flowed well. The words came easily and when I was writing I wanted my fingers to move faster so I could find out what was happening next. it was like being the reader and writer at the same time. I have experienced it over and over again as I have written the first two Voices books and the first book in the Syn series. Even Sharing Strength had moments where I couldn't stop writing even if I wanted to. I had to know what came next.

Breathe and Chocolate Covered Cherries have never had that type of response from me. I have wanted to finish both of those books for a number of years and I am excited to get to the Chapter 5 level in Breathe because there are some great rewrite elements I am hoping will spark that can't put it down side of me but at the moment it is still the literary version of pulling teeth. Why can't my characters just behave themselves and do what I tell them to do so we could move forward? Characters are like ill-behaving children that never get out of your head.

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