Monday, April 17, 2017

Day 48 - What Now

Yesterday was Easter. For those like myself that either do something for the duration or give something up for Lent, Easter is the day we get to be free of the commitment. I had a bad day where even though I had given up pizza, fast food, and junk food, I did have some pizza and decided to extend the challenge as a result. I moved the deadline for the food part of this challenge to May 20th in order to encourage me to train for my next challenge which happens to be a physical one. I will be completing the Badass Dash obstacle course right here in Las Vegas.

In order to get ready I have to maintain the diet part of my now self-imposed challenge while incorporating the training aspect of exercise. I will be adding in classes, cardio and strength, to my everyday life in order to help push forward. That addition got me thinking about writing as well. I managed to stay on target with only two days off for my blog throughout the days of Lent. I acknowledged those days when they happened and jumped right back in the next day. I would like to maintain that while adding to my writing life as I am with my fitness level.

Along with watching what I eat and getting my lazy but to the gym I am focusing on my writing. I will be making sure to post on my blog daily as I have before but I also have daily and weekly goals to make sure I reach the deadline of publishing Breathe in time for my next book show. I have additional goals but I need to do things as a process so I do not get overwhelmed. It has been known to happen. Once I get into the swing of things and am making progress consistently I will be coming up with the rewards system I wrote about a month or two ago.

For my fitness and diet stuff I have already worked it out that if I can maintain my workouts and food control throughout the week I will be able to eat the treats I so enjoy on Sundays without guilt. For writing I am not sure what I will do yet but I am looking forward to making daily writing and weekly word count goals more of a habit instead of a dream. I will be continuing to share what day I am on in my personal challenge of life for the time being until I have successfully reached the level I am aiming to achieve. How do you keep yourself moving forward?

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