Thursday, April 13, 2017

Day 44 - Crunching The Numbers

Due to my unfortunate but strong ability to do math, I am aware of the fact that my everyday bills seem to currently be meeting or exceeding my current income. I checked the numbers over and over again but they keep coming out the same, I'm broke. I understand there is an ebb and flow in my business, not the being an author though I can imagine there are similar times there as well, but in my day job in the casino. People think because Las Vegas is such a tourist destination and summer is the time for vacations galore, we must always be busy. In fact summer is quite slow for dealers.

Most of our bigger conventions come during the autumn and winter when families are home and schools are in session. Those that are visiting over the summer come to party, play in the pool or shop out in the sun. Gambling is rare over the summer months leaving dealers lighter in the paycheck than the rest of the year. As it would happen we also work less days during that slow time. It is understandable but irritating. We work less days, make less money on the days we do get to work and icing on the cake, those are the months our water and electric bills like to skyrocket.

With Authorpalooza happening last weekend I have been inspired to keep pushing forward on my books and have been looking for additional book shows to attend. It is a great plan but comes back to the money aspect. In order to attend shows, order copies of Breathe, assuming I ever finish it and get it ready, or purchasing any of the merchandise I would like to sell to gauge interest in other items at shows I would need to invest close to seven hundred dollars for just one show. True, that would cover the table, books, merchandise, hotel room, food and gas. It is nearly impossible to think I will have any chance of making that money back anytime soon though.

I am sure I could sell a certain number of shirts or other merchandise items. Obviously I hope I could sell a decent amount of books but the real question I have to answer is would the initial investment be worth it. The second, and almost just as important question, can I even afford to make the initial purchases. Third, could nearly tie the other questions, am I really going to be able to finish Breathe in time. There is no question I would like to be able to test how well my merchandise could sell and if the new book as any appeal. The show is a big one with great potential. I just need to find a way to crunch the numbers, bending them until they come out in my favor.

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