Friday, November 20, 2015

Proven Quality

Not long ago I wrote about ways to get in touch with the media. It is of course important to make sure that you and your work find as wide an audience as possible in order to grow. It also helps when introducing new books if you have the contacts to bring your new work in front of that same large group. There is in fact another reason to work with the press though.

Once you have done an interview or had something written about your work sales can temporarily increase. That is great but what many people fail to realize is that if someone with credentials is willing to vouch for you than it makes your work more appealing. I have been involved in a number of online discussions as always happens during Nano that are about publishing our books after the challenge is complete. It is a wonderful ambition but there are so many aspiring writers that have no idea how to do it and will simply upload a draft and hit publish that Indie authors as a whole get a bad reputation.

I will admit that even being a part of the proud tradition of authors that have decided to take the indie / self publishing route for the sake of learning more about the craft I still see the stigma involved. I have even been guilty of hesitating before purchasing a book that I knew to be self published. Anyone can do it and therefore it makes it a little unsettling not knowing what quality level you are going to get.

Authors like myself and my friends take the responsibility of being writers and publishing our work very seriously. We incorporate beta readers, editors and cover artists as well as rewrite and revise our work countless times before we begin to consider the publish button. It is not just a hobby for us it is the makings of our dream career. By having the reviews and the media coverage to back up your work as legitimate it helps the readers see you are one of the serious ones with quality control at the top of your priority list.

I am working on getting more press coverage and I am fortunate enough to have an education that gives me a marketing edge in some cases but having a team that can assist you is vital to making it in any industry especially one so competitive and saturated. It is a fantastic adventure being a writer but please for anyone aspiring to join us, remember that this is who we are and respect the craft as we do in order for us all to prosper together.

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