Thursday, November 12, 2015

Book Profile - Authors Against Bullying

I have done several profiles on anthologies. The first was of course my own animal charity book Rescue Me that I am immensely proud of creating. The next was the first of a series that actually inspired my own, Rock & Roll Saved My Soul. This series was put together by a good friend of mine Kate Marie Robbins. She has been not only a great friend and inspiration but has become one of my favorite writing partners in crime most recently organizing the online portion of our two part event for Domestic Violence awareness.

The third member of our team in many ways is Bree Vanderland. She is Kate'a partner in the indie publishing group Pure Ice that published my first novel Never Give Up and had her short story Finding Rachel as part of the event last month. But today I want to focus on her charity anthology Authors Against Bullying. She is passionate about shining a light on the worlds bullying problem and pulled from her talent as a writer asking her friends to do the same and collected stories about fighting bullies.

All of these stories were formed into a book that can now be found on Amazon and donates all of the proceeds back to a charity to bring awareness and help end bullying once and for all. There are currently two volumes available on Amazon. Please take a moment to check out the books and help end bullying.

Upon seeing how bullying affects people, many have come together to help shed light on the issue. In the first installment there is no set theme, but stories focus on bullying in general. All profits will be going towards a charity to bring awareness o n the issue and help put an end to bullying. Authors included in this volume: Brittany Tucker Derianna Thomas TJ Loveless Riya Yadav Mark Mackey Elise Barlow Bree Vanderland E. Montgomery Sarah Tackitt Georgia Faye Pope Airiel Hawkins Lee Ryder Amanda Lynn Renee Jean Rachel Carlyon Cody Lee Powell Ella Dare E.B. Black Aimee Carnegie Yvonne K. Anderson Damien McManus Chadd Hawkins Cassandra Jones Cindy J. Smith Courtney Ernste

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