Monday, November 23, 2015

Building A Perfect Team

I have been very fortunate in my life to have had extremely supportive family members as well as friends that have stood by me. When it comes to my writing I have friends that are willing to help by reading and promoting my work and family members that buy my books but the two people I would be lost without at this point are my two managers also known as my mom and my boyfriend.

My mom has always believed in me. She would read and help critique my poetry and short stories even encouraging me to enter competitions as early as elementary school. I made a promise to her as I got older that as soon as I was able to land a traditional publishing contract with a large enough advance I would take her on a cruise to Alaska. It is a dream trip that I still fully intend to take her on someday.

My boyfriend has been my artistic director and one of the largest supporters and promoters of my work. He has helped create some amazing posters and flyers when I participate in signings or book festivals and he was instrumental in putting together everything from room setup to online raffle prize promotions. He also acted as MC at the book launch event held last month for my my recent book Survivor.

While they are both invaluable from a business aspect they have been there for me even more from an emotional level. When I was fighting through the nerves to finish the draft of m first book they encouraged me. When I sent out the queries and received rejection after rejection they held my hand and told me to keep trying. When I wrote Survivor and my PTSD flared up sending my into anxiety and depression they held my hands, hugged me and told me I was doing something brave by sharing my story with the world.

I am grateful for my team and everyone in my life that has been a part of my writing journey and I hope everyone  out there finds their support network, it can make all the difference in the world.

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