Saturday, November 21, 2015

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With a goal to finish the first drafts of not only my current Nano novel first draft but also the drafts of two other books by the end of the year I thought instead of doing a profile of a single character or discuss one of my stories I would just do a small preview of the five total drafts I will be working hard on editing in the new year. The five books I will have hopefully finished are Sharing Strength, Welcome to Syn, Chocolate Covered Cherries, Voice In My Head, and Breathe.

Breathe has been shared before and is the first of three Nano novels in the group. It follows the journey of assistant bank manager Kelsey Matthews as she gets caught up in a nightmare situation. The bank is being robbed and her coworkers and customers have been taken hostage. She is trapped with no means of escape. She hides, trying to figure out a plan because she too is a helpless victim. Or is she? Was she in on the robbery from the beginning? Does she know what is about to happen to the hostages hidden just out of sight or will she join them losing her life to the madmen terrorizing everyone? Keep an eye out for the twists and turns as Kelsey does her best to work under pressure and remember no matter how crazy things are you just have to Breathe.

Welcome to Syn is the second book. It is also a completed draft and the second Nano novel. This book has also been highlighted in parts and follows the tragic story of a woman that has just lost her husband and must now care for her seven daughters and the family farm without knowing how they will survive. Set during the time of the Salem Witch Trials in nearby Tyler, Mass. Persyphone Syntel stands her ground against societal pressure and a deviant head of town council all bent on destroying her. She and the girls must fight to prove their innocence in a series of strange happenings in town including the death of her husband. With the madness of the trials arguing nearby and suspicion growing all around them, can any of the girls prove they have nothing to do with the chaos and escape or will they become more victims to the hysteria sweeping through the town?

Voice In My Head is the Nano novel from this year and will soon be completed. It is about best selling romance novelist Chelsea Perella that has been struggling to hear the voices of her characters. She admits in an interview that writers talk to the figments and tells everyone that she just needs a short break. The truth is though that she does believe in letting characters take control of the stories and when she gets nothing but static and silence from inside her mind she decides to step back. That is until a new voice comes in and begins to tell her a story. He is the new guying the town all of her books have been set in and he is madly in love with one of the young women named Scarlett. Chelsea is thrilled until she begins having nightmares about the characters. They are not behaving they way they normally do and she is worried that her creations are taking on a life of their own, a very sinister one. Her friends and family notice the change in her but have no idea what is causing it. Are the characters really making her crazy? Do they even have that power? Or is something else entirely taking control of Chelsea's mind? Check out Voice In My Head to find out.

Chocolate Covered Cherries is my first dedicated romance novel and while I have done a character profile on Jessica, the main character before, this book is the furthest from being completed. I do not read romance generally and am not familiar with the genre so writing one has been a challenge to say the least. In CCC Jessica has recently moved to a small town and plans to open a candy and dessert shop. She is guarded about her past but is doing her best to create a solid future. She has even caught the eye of the local mailman Charlie. Charlie is a great guy and falls for Jessica quickly though because he has been hurt he struggles when she is secretive and doesn't openly return his affection. After a particularly tense consultation he witnesses Jessica disappears from her store and he finds her hiding at the local bar. He does his best to be a friend but is horrified by what she reveals. Can Jessica overcome her past? Does Charlie have what it takes to break through her barriers and does she truly deserve his adoration? Check out Chocolate Covered Cherries to find out if either of them can find a way to trust again and exactly where the name comes from.

The last book in the group is Sharing Strength. I began writing this book early in 2014 and it has stalled several times. It has been the source of numerous firsts for me. My first non-Nano novel. The first time I wrote a book truly involving my own experiences and the first time I wore certain scenes before they were to be featured in the book. I have covered parts of Sharing Strength extensively because it is a very important story for me. Sharing Strength is the collective story of a six member support group for those suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. They each have their own reasons for being there and all represent different aspect of those i have known while dealing with my own diagnosis a decade ago. With only a handful of characters and a deep need for support and acceptance this book delves deeply into the painful world of those living with the issue. I can admit that not everyone in the book survives the diagnosis mentally. It has a very profound effect on people and there are thousands in the world that deal with the emotional and physical side effects of having this disease everyday. I hope you will take some time and get to know the characters of Sharing Strength and perhaps find that there are people in your own life that it inspires you to get to know better. Having someone to lean in can make all the difference in the world and I would not be here today if I hadn't found my own network of people willing to share their strength with me.

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