Monday, November 2, 2015

Book Promotion - Rock & Roll Saved My Soul

A good friend of mine, Kate Marie Robbins, put together an anthology that would share stories of music and how it influenced the contributing writers. Once the stories had been gathered, formatted and laid out with a great cover the book was ready to be published. Now if the description stopped here it wouldn't be that remarkable. Even the fact that the book is an anthology only raises the uniqueness slightly.

What makes this book and the series that was created along with it stand out from all the other anthologies out there is the fact that all of the proceeds are donated to charity. This series is actually what inspired my own charity series Rescue Me - Animal Anthology. I wanted to say thank you to all of those that participated in either series, in fact many have stories in both. Below is the synopsis for the first book.

Changing the World, One Story at a Time
Has music had a positive impact on you? Changed your life? Or even saved you? For us, it has.
In this book, you will find a collection of stories, letters, and poetry about how music has personally changed our lives. Each story is unique, each story is true. Filled with emotion, passion, and love for the bands and songs that have touched our lives. 
All proceeds from this book will be donated to Rock the Cause. Rock the Cause is a Minnesota based charity that use the power of music, community, and social media to create a new generation of stewardship for other non-profit causes.

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