Sunday, November 15, 2015

Finding The Time

I knew it would happen. I had plans. I made drafts and thought I was ready. Still somehow I knew it would happen and sure enough it has. I was positive that going through nano again this year I would struggle to keep up on my blog posts. I had created a few drafts that I could publish later in order to keep up and designed a schedule so I would know what I was supposed to be writing at any given time but as always seems to happen, I fell behind.

I am not just behind on the blog though, I am also only halfway to current word goal for Nanowrimo. I find it very difficult to get much written when I get home from work instead preferring to have dedicated days but I only get a handful of those each month making it a challenge beyond just writing the allotted number of words. I am still somewhat confident that I can complete this story and even that I will be able to finish at least one other started draft for a book by the end of the year but I do not want to slack in another area for the sake of finishing.

I see fellow authors that spend upwards of two or more hours per day promoting their work on Facebook and I would assume other social media outlets as well everyday and I know many of them have blogs as well as find time to write new books. I am in awe of their abilities. I am even more impressed with their time management. I need to learn to be better at scheduling my time.

Right now I am working to finish this year's nano novel as well as two I have begun so that I will have several projects to edit and submit for agents and publishers to consider. Then next year I will be spending about two months dedicated to editing along with utilizing my wonderful beta readers for their feedback before I begin the onslaught of queries. I am also hoping to learn how to create teasers for my current books and schedule some more live events which I have found I am far more adept at.

I would appreciate any suggestions for things I could do to help promote and increase my visibility for my work. I believe very strongly in my writing and while I know it is a craft that is always evolving and improving I think I can really make this happen someday. I am willing to do the work I am just not always sure what exactly it is that I need to do. So I ask you fellow readers and writers, whiter things you have seen that are effective as well as not? How can I take my writing and promoting to the next level.

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