Monday, November 30, 2015

Book Excerpt - Voice In My Head

Unedited excerpt from my recently finished Nanowrimo novel Voice In My Head

“I regret that you ever met him. He destroyed you and is nothing but a waste of humanity. You are nothing now and I regret that I even know you.” She shouted from the ground.

Gritting her teeth Scarlett stood up straight looking down on the girl she now loathed. “Take that back. For your own good, you better take that back.”

“He is nothing but a worthless bastard and if you are going to choose him over me and everyone else that can see how terrible he is then you deserve all the misery you get. Get out of my house you stupid bitch!”

Before she knew what was happening Scarlett had a butcher’s knife in her hand. She squeezed the handle as her rage overtook her. She fell on top of Elizabeth plunging the knife deep into her chest. Blood sprayed her as she pulled the knife back but she barely noticed. She stabbed the blade into the body over and over until she was exhausted.

Jonny sat in the recliner along the wall watching her. He smiled. Elizabeth was gone and now Scarlett was all his forever. As long as she cooperated they would live on in infamy. She wanted to be a star and remembered forever. He intended to give her exactly that. At the moment he simply enjoyed the sight before him. Elizabeth lay in a blood soaked heap on the floor and Scarlett was holding her coming to understand what it was she had done. She had killed her best friend and now there was no going back.

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